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Modesty is not equivalent to frumpy. Let me repeat that. It is completely entirely possible to dress modestly while looking cute, classy, and beautiful. The devil is determined to make us believe that modesty is impossible, undesirable, and old fashioned. He has done a marvelous job specifically in the 19th century of making immodest styles “in” and convincing women that dressing immodestly is the only fashionable option. But Satan is the father of lies. It is entirely possible to dress modestly while looking beautiful and put together. And modesty can never be old fashioned because its God’s Way, and God is eternal.

Hello! I am a fifteen year old homeschooled sophmore and the oldest of seven. My house is never quiet and we go through milk at an unbelievable rate. I am so blessed. I love combining modesty and fashion to create outfits pleasing to God that are also stylish. On this blog, I hope to encourage young women to dress modestly, while providing outfit inspirations that are affordable (I am thrifty and balk at the idea of spending more than $5 for any piece of clothing. I <3 any second hand clothing store:)) and cute. I can’t promise that every outfit will be “perfect,” but I will definitely do my best. :):):)DSC_0087

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