welcome back to me :)

it’s been a second since I log into this website. for a while I thought it was time to let it go, but something in me is not ready to give up my baby website. I know that I am supposed to write and this feels like the perfect place. I struggled with the idea of blogging for a while because I feel like people’s immediate assumption to that I want to be famous or make money or that I want attention. Honestly, none of these have ever been the reason for this blog. I just feel very called from the bottom of my soul to write and to share and I don’t care if no one reads this. Blogs are kind of out dated and tbh I do miss the old days of blogging where everyone was blogging and instagram was casual. But this is where we are now and I love it.

college classes are harder than I ever expected, I’m working to start a business, and serving at a Mexican restaurant in addition to trying to maintain my friendships and make new friends. Ive been really stressed out recently and something I don’t like about college is the lack of creative outlets. at home I’m so used to cooking, playing piano, or pulling out my sewing machine and making a huge mess whenever I felt like it, and that was so incredibly healthy for me. I need to be creative to be happy and fulfilled as a person.  I brought my guitar back from winter break and I’m almost done knitting a sweater. I also do some calligraphy but it’s just not the same. I feel like I’m failing at a lot and I want to change that and I need creativity because being able to make pretty things is one of the biggest things that helped me feel good about myself.

I’m going to get back into writing about things that I love, like fashion, religion, and lots of opinion pieces.

ciao Bella


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