Virtue Makes You Beautiful

Today I want to share my very favorite music video with you all. Being determined to dress modestly, this video is a huge encouragement. Ever since the first time I saw it a couple years ago, it always brings a smile to my face.

Let me be honest. Whenever I am reading a blog post and I come across a video, I always skip it. Especially if its a link to Youtube. It just requires so much commitment to actually watch a video. {am I the only one or can any of you relate?!} I do alot of skimming when I read, (NOT a good habit for school. Particularly when reading Cicero or Marcus Aurelius. Or Herodotus. Particularly when you have exams on your readings……. Sorry, Ill get back to talking about modesty in a minute. Just as a sophmore in High School,  I spend a good majority of my life right now thinking about school which is definitely a good thing…. however, don’t let me get started on Chemistry. I promise I will go into naming the common polyatomic ions!!!)

But watch this video!!!!!!!! I promise you it will be worth the four minutes of your day it takes. Promise. It means so much to be told that people *do* appreciate the effort we put into dressing modestly. It’s not easy {at all} and this is definitely welcome encouragement. Plus, if you show it to your younger siblings, they will walk around singing it all day long and then you’ll be encouraged to dress modestly all. day. long. (Ok just kidding about the last part. But really, this music video is a parady to What Makes You Beautiful, and whenever that song comes on anywhere, my seven year old brother starts blasting Virtue Makes You Beautiful. We have a couple amusing stories about the results and the confusion that ensues. :))) )  My friends and I have also been known to start singing these lyrics instead of One Direction’s at dances…. sorry, One Direction, but it means so much more to have people appreciate you for your virtue {your actions and your deliberate effort!} and not just what you look like. 😛

Good job and thank you to the young men that made it! They did a fabulous job!!

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! And if you enjoy it, thank my confirmation sponsor who found the video and sent it to us a couple years ago. :))))))

6 Replies to “Virtue Makes You Beautiful”

  1. My favorite song parody!!!!! Love how much it means to these guys that us girls should dress modest. Definitly a catchy tune; now I’m going to be singing it all week:)

    1. YES KRISTINE!!! This video has such an inspirational message…ladies, we can change the culture, one outfit at a time!

      Thanks for sharing, Timeless Grace 😉

  2. Yes, yes, YES!! Then again, women dressing modestly *does* encourages our brothers in Christ to be chivalrous gentlemen. So it all works together. 🙂 Thank you for commenting, Annabelle! <3

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