Two Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas




Well, it’s been a little while since I shared here so today I’m super excited today to share two Thanksgiving outfit ideas! My family typically spends Thanksgiving with my Dad’s family and after Mass in the morning we spend the day at my Grandparents, hanging out, hopefully helping in the kitchen a little bit,and of course eating so I want an outfit that is cute but  most importantly comfortable.


My first outfit (and the one that I’m pretty positive I’ll actually be wearing;) is simply a basic swing dress and booties. I’ll probably add a plaid fleece scarf and maybe tights, but it is a perfect outfit. The dress is soft and 100% comfortable but the overall outfit looks appropriate to go from Mass in the morning right to dinner time!


On to outfit number 2, tunic + jeans + booties! Pretty much a no fail combination #classic and perfect for any fall day, Thanksgiving not excluded. The fall colors from my blouse and booties make it especially Thanksgiving appropriate and not to brag or anything, but this entire outfit is thrifted. 🙂

What will you be wearing for Thanksgiving? Which of these two combinations would you choose? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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