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Time for School

Hello.  😉

I loved wearing this outfit. It is similar to what I wear every Friday (at our homeschool coop we are required to wear beige or navy blue bottoms and white or navy tops), but something about the polka dot bow tie just made my day. I have had the ribbon for years (like as long as I can remember), but I think I’d only worn it as a belt so far. This morning as I was getting dressed, I was randomly inspired to try it on with my white button down, and lo and behold, I loved it! I can definitely envision wearing a similar outfit again in the near future. 🙂

Time for School AA (2)

Time for School CC

Time for School BB (3)

I would really like to, at this point, launch into a full discussion on the immense importance of school uniforms, for I really believe they are valuable, but quite frankly, I can’t prop my eyes open any longer…

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a lovely weekend. <3<3<3

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  1. I love uniforms! I wore uniforms k-12 and firmly believe it’s the best idea. I know people believe that uniforms don’t let kids show I individualism biut I don’t agree. First, younger kids don’t really care and the young adults just need to be creative. It’s time to get off my pedestal:). May your day be full of joy and love!

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