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Sunday Best 4.3.16.



Happy Sunday!

How are you doing? Today is Divine Mercy Sunday, the end of the Divine Mercy Novena that started on Good Friday. For those who have prayed the novena, and fulfilled the other requirements given to us by the Church (including attending Confession either the week before or the week after), there is a complete indulgence. This means that every single sin committed in a person’s lifetime is completely and entirely forgiven. In the sacrament of Confession, one’s sins are forgiven; in this special indulgence, they are also forgotten– hence, the punishment that is deserved will not be consumed. Um, guys, this is huge!!! What an absolutely incredible gift from God.   !!!!!!  For more information about this indulgence, go here.

It’s the week after Easter, in fact, this morning we had our Easter egg hunt at church (it rained on Easter), and it was 40 degrees. Not complaining or anything, but this means one more winter-y outfit with boots and darker colors. 😉

About my outfit: The necklace, cardigan and tights belong to my Mom and she thrifted the dress. {Yeah she has impeccable taste.} But don’t worry, I picked out my boots. 😛





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  1. You always make things look nice and mom has an eye for fashion as well,didn’t realize how cold it was there yesterday. We’re expericing April weather in may here too.,but can’t complain I’m fine with that. Have a lovely and blessed week.,love you

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