Sunday Best

I am so excited for this post!!! First of all, it’s been waay to long since a I blog (almost TWO weeks!!!:/), second of all; because I made my dress!! It is my first “from scratch” sewing project and I am sooo excited about the way it turned out. Not perfect, but better than I could have anticipated considering it was my first time sewing a dress.  I’m just so excited it’s “wearable.”   

Now for the details! I was planning on following NewLook SO377, but turns out  it was size six… to large for my petite frame. So I ended up cutting the skirt panels from the pattern and then taking them in once they were all sewed together and just “making up” the bodice. I used the basic shape of a knit shell I own to make a “rough draft” from an old sheet and then altered that once or twice to achieve a good fit. Once I attached the bodice to the skirt, I added some darts to make it a bit more fitted. Also, I cut the skirt panels out first on a sheet. It made it so much easier to accurately cut them out from the fabric. I didn’t want to waste any of the material! Speaking of the material, I bought this lovely fabric from the Hobby Lobby clearance section for $2 a yard!! Can’t beat the price. 😀 I had bought two yards, and I used almost all of it for this project.

Altogether, it was a really fun project! Now I am going to overwhelm you with a plethora of pictures… My sisters and I had fun taking these! :))))

Great photobomb, MT. I’m sure it was completely an accident. 😛

DSC_0127 (1)DSC_0122

DSC_0190 (1)
Having fun!




DSC_0193 (1)
Donuts make *fabulous* props!!!
More fun:)




DSC_0147 (1)

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