Casual Warm Weather Winter



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Outfit Details:

Blouse: Loft, thirfted | Jeans: White House Black Market, hand me down | Shoes | Merona

I wore this outfit tonight to attend my brothers’ TSG potluck.  It was wonderful to get to spend time with a couple of my friends who I hadn’t actually had a real conversation with in over a month (!!!) thanks to traveling and busy schedules!

To tell the truth I didn’tDSC_0212 wear these ballet flats….after our photo-shoot for this post I was inspired to borrow my sisters navy blue TOMS 🙂

Any other TOMs fans out there?


Finally, today is my brother’s birthday and I just wanted to post a picture of his cake.  My sister made the cake and I decorated it using “brownie batter icing.”  I would share the recipe, but to be honest, I was completely eye balling everything! The main difference from a normal fudge icing recipe is that I added about a quarter cup of flour to the icing… It was made it nice and thick and “batter-like” without being to sweet.  {it was pretty delicious too;) }

The icing was decently easy to spread on the cake.  First, I spread a really thin layer onto the cake, then set it in the refrigerator to harden.  This layer of icing “locked in” the crumbs and allowed the next few layers to go on smoothly and easily, without causing the cake to crumble.  I then spread the rest of the icing onto the cake and sprinkled powdered sugar on top.  I am very excited with the way the cake turned out….I think it is the *first* cake  that I’ve iced that’s turned out! (note: I’ve been baking birthday cakes for my family for years and with nine birthdays a year… that’s a lot of cakes I practiced on before succeeding.  It really is exciting for me!!!!!!)


Do you enjoy decorating cakes or have any cake-decorating stories? Leave a comment below!

6 Replies to “Stripes”

  1. Hello,
    happy birthday to little brother and congratulations on a fabulous blog. Your outfits are very elegant and tasteful as well as modest. Thank you for taking the time and courage to support and encourage your peers to follow the ways of God even when it may not be easy.
    God bless and keep up the good work!
    Mrs. Tomás

  2. Thanks Veronica! I can’t wait to see what your working on! ☺️
    i really appreciate you taking the time to comment!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. you inspired me to buy a striped shirt!!! Thanks 🙂
    And cakes…once I made one and when i took it out of the pan, it ripped in half. But I fixed it with icing. My favorite way to decorate cakes is with coarsely-chopped chocolate or different colored icing!

    1. Ugh, that sounds so sad making a cake and having it rip! but the colorful icing sounds really pretty!
      And striped shirts are the best… I’m sure yours is lovely 🙂

  4. I don’t bake cakes. Sorry, I can’t comment on that topic. Well, except that yours looks fabulous! Now, stripes. I can’t wear them! ): The thin, pinstriped, maybe. But it has to be vertical. Anyway, I love your jeans cuffed at the bottom, brings me back to the 80’s. We actually “pegged” them. It’s a lost art. LOL! Your infinity scarf is a nice accessory, to pull out the stripes. Just Beautiful!

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