Spring Sunday



It feels so wonderful to be blogging again! I have been really busy these past few weeks, a week-long leadership+government program, going to the beach for the week, wrapping up school for the year, all these things have been keeping me busy. But I am really hoping to be blogging consistently this summer; I have alot of ideas and plans and I can’t wait to execute them!

Today I have not one outfit to share with you all but two. 🙂 My second little sister’s church outfit was so cute that i decided to snap some pictures of it to blog. She is nine (turning 10 at the end of this month!), and I would totally wear her dress in an instant. I love the details on the collar especially!

About my outfit: I made my dress from a maxi skirt. It was a really really easy quick project and I’ve already gotten a good amount of wear from this dress. Including going to bed in it when I was sick and too tired to change. 🙂 Hey, not a single wrinkle when I woke up so it worked!

I am planning on making a tutorial to blog, but basically I just made one straight cut about 1/3 down from the waist band and copied this dress and this dress to make the bodice and the skirt. I never realized just how much material is in a maxi skirt!




Onto my sister’s outfit!






Have a wonderful week!




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