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make social media casual again.

that hashtag has circulated instagram recently, but could we ever? for all that we crave authenticity, social media has destroyed that.

social media has given us the opportunity to create businesses, share ideas, and most importantly, connect with other humans. it is a priceless tool and absolutely integral for practically any venture to succeed.

the demise of social media, while simultaneously being its strength, is photos. every platform is defined by its images. the problem is that even photos that are marketed to be candid are not. the photo I posted above is one of well over fifty that Claire and I took that day. if we were any of type of brand with a marketing team that number could easily be in the thousands, and there is nothing specially wrong with that! I think its just important to remember that these images are not candids! they truly are a carefully currated highlight reel, but the intention that others should perceive these images as candid gives social media the potential to be a deceptive monster.

I deeply appreciate the role that social media plays in our lives. I adore how it gives every individual a voice, a way to communicate and to bond with each other. However, I feel called to re-evaluate my personal social media usage. It’s perfectly acceptable for the role of social media to frequently change to fit with the ebb and flow of our daily lives. Boundaries are important, especially for our personal accounts.

will social media ever be casual again? I doubt it. it’s too integral to our lifestyles (and shopping habits) to be taken lightly. This is good, but it’s slightly a pity, because it make true authenticity almost impossible to spot and whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all desperately searching for authenticity.


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