Snow Day


One day, the supermarkets were chaos. A mess. People scurried around, raided the bread and the milk sections, and stocked up on cereal. The next day, everything was still. Perfectly still. The roads were isolated and school was canceled for a week. We won’t mention the ghost town supermarkets.

This is the perfect way to describe what an inch of snow will do to Southerns. The day before the predicted snowfall, everyone rushes to stock up on milk and bread. School gets cancelled for a week. Or almost a week. At least two days (so far) in our county. All because we got an inch of snow (on Saturday) and icy roads.

Once I was trying to explain to a cousin who lives in the far north how our once-a-week coop had been cancelled FOUR times in the second semester because of ice and snow, and he started laughing and said that despite -40 degree weather, he hadn’t had a single snow day. So glad I don’t live up north. Negative 40 degrees?! No thank you. I’m struggling to handle 20-30 degrees gracefully.

Anyways, here is an outfit I would like to wear sometime. That is, if any of our outside classes for the week don’t end up cancelled. One of my two Tuesday classes was already cancelled and the other is tentative. This outfit might have to wait awhile. . .





ps Good news! The weather forecast predicts the highs for Thursday and Friday in the upper 60s and 70s! Very good news. Except… it’ll be to warm for this outfit!

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  1. Here in the northern states you surely could get very much use of the outfit,and even warmer ones. Like today in MN,it’s cold and snowy, kisses and hugs.

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