Red, White, and Rain

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I love the rain. Listening to it drum on the roof, watching it torrent down from the gray sky, and the cozy feeling it lends to “ordinary” days. I love when the rain stops and the sun begins to peak through the clouds to sparkle from the puddles and everything feels refreshed from the heat of summer. We have had several lovely rainy days and evenings in the past week, but now the sun is out again in full force, beating down relentlessly causing the temperatures to soar to the upper nineties.

On Sunday, as my sister and I were going outside to take outfit pictures, we were interrupted by a sudden downpour of rain and since that was the only time I had to take pictures, we had to settle for an indoor photo shoot. We managed to get a couple usable pictures, although their quality isn’t the best. I wore this outfit for Mass in the morning and then to one of my best friend’s graduation party later in the day. My skirt is homemade, and the rest of the outfit is thrifted. 🙂

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