Recipe Roundup 001

Hey everyone!

Lately I have spent a lot of time in the kitchen and today I am going to share with you the links to a couple recipes we have enjoyed. So without further ado. . .

Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies 

These were pretty delicious.  I did not let chill them as long as she said, but instead made them into “towers” rather than “balls” before placing them on the cookie sheet.  This method made them turn out super thick. The next day, I cut the leftover cookies in half (this was easy because they’d been in the refrigerator for over twenty-four hours and because, again, they were nice and thick), and sandwiched chocolate pudding between the two halves. To neatly get the pudding in cookies, I put pudding into a plastic bag, cut the tip of the bag, squeezed the pudding onto the lower half of the cookies, and lightly placed the top half on the pudding. This was absolutely AMAZING, and I am totally doing this again very soon so I will post pictures shortly. 🙂





Lemon Chicken Piccata 

I made this for dinner last week along side mashed potatoes and salad. This method of preparing the chicken breast is wonderful, and the sauce was pretty yummy too, although was very, very tart.



The Best Lemon Kale Salad Recipe 

Oh my. This kale salad. I can only describe it as being unimaginably delicious. My entire family enjoys it and we are constantly making it. The key is cutting the kale into tiny, tiny pieces. And using copious amounts of nutritional yeast. (This is our absolute favorite brand of nutritional yeast.) It is a lot of work to chop the kale, but, believe me, it is 100% worth it!!





Brown Butter Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies


This is my ultimate favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. It is quick and easy and absolutely delicious! They are soft and somewhat chewy; the bigger you make them the better!!!  Normally I use about a tablespoon of dough per cookie, but today, while making them as a gift, I used almost three times that amount and the edges look nice and crunchy while the interior is soft and chewy.  Do note, however, that they are quite sweet so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reduce the sugar a tad bit.





Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake

This lovely recipe had been calling my name for months every since I first saw it on Sally’s Baking Addiction, and earlier this week I finally (!!!) got to make it as a gift. While the cake was good, my favorite part was the icing.  I typically have trouble with icing, but this icing was beautiful, rich, thick, and easy to spread. The only change I made was  halving the butter in the icing (more butter would have stolen the spotlight from the cream cheese flavor). Oh yeah, and my cake was only two layers instead of three because as I was taking the last layer out of the pan, it completely fell apart. ;/





Lemon Butter Chicken Sauce

This sauce is awesome! Elegant, flavorful, and with lots of butter. 🙂 It is super duper easy to make, and was perfect to top some simple chicken breasts. Like the Lemon Chicken Piccata Sauce (above), the lemon is really strong (though not quite as tart), so a little goes a very long way.

http://hilahcooking.com/easy-sauces/ (last recipe on page)










Recipe Roundup 001’s Statistics:

50% of today’s recipes were dessert. (I promise our real life diet does not consist of 50% dessert!!!! Two of the desserts were made as gifts.)

66.6667% of today’s recipes used lemon. What can I say? Lemon is wonderful in so many things; it adds a fresh flavor to anything and everything, plus lemon flavors generally are people-pleasers. 🙂

100% of today’s recipes are easy and delicious AND clearly I think that you should get in the kitchen right now to try them out!


Please let me know if you make any of these!!!



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  1. The chicken receipes sounds good. Kale is great you can prepare it and stays good all week. Good for quick lunches. I will let the baking to you all the receipes look good.

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