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I wore this outfit all day today for a Eucharistic Retreat here in my city. It’s been a wonderful retreat so far and I am looking forward with excitement (but also with a trace of sadness) for tomorrow, our last day.

About my outfit: I was a little apprehensive about wearing this particular blazer(which I blogged here last month) to this retreat just because it is thin (it was cold today! See the rock salt they had put down on the sidewalk in case of snow?!) and a bit itchy around the collar. Although I took it off a couple times because the room got a bit warm, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all and I ended up really liking my outfit. I also got quite a few complements on my blazer.  🙂

IMG_4973 [191822]




IMG_4971 (2)
I really like the buttons on the sleeves!
I also really like the slight peplum shape this blazer has. It gives it a more casual feel. 🙂

Adieu for today! Making time to blog is extremely difficult with school, but I hope to be back here tomorrow with my Sunday outfit. Also, I owe sooo much gratitude to my friends who have recently been helping me take outfit pictures…these pictures were taken by one of my best friends, Katelyn. She stood out in the 25 degree weather with me during our dinner break to take them. It. Was. Really. Cold. (So thank you!!!)

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