Neck Scarf, Part I

A couple weeks ago I was on spring break for three of my classes, so my friend and I took the opportunity to venture to the art museum that Thursday morning and we ended up shooting four outfits! My last blog post, the athleisure one, was shot outside the museum in front of some massive structures they have on the gorgeous trails behind it. This outfit was the one that I originally had in my mind to shoot at the art museum before I decided to bring the other three outfits; I feel that is has an artsy, almost Parisian vibe to it that just goes so well with the European galleries.

↑↑ this shot right here is my favorite! ↑↑

We inevitably got distracted a couple times…..  I mean, just look at those gorgeous, gold gilded frames!

This is my first outfit with this particular scarf, I have a second, more casual, outfit with it coming to the blog on Wednesday!

Basically this outfit contains most of my favorites. Comfortable and oh so versatile black jersey dress, light wash jean jacket, TOMS desert wedge booties, and a colorful scarf. The first time I wore the outfit, I tossed it on before rushing out the door to Stations of the Cross at my Church on a Friday night. It’s definitely appropriate for a wide variety of activities and events during mild winter or early spring weather.

The entrance to the art museum is a long “tunnel” (for lack of a more accurate word), of very reflexive glass. These photos are actually of the top of the tunnel, so what you are seeing is the reflection on the ceiling of me spinning.

Last photo! I love this picture of my friend/photographer and I. I also like how our outfits kind of go together. 🙂

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