maxi skirt –> my new favorite pants (pt. 1?)

remember when those long cotton maxi skirts peaked? I loved them so much because they were feminine, comfortable, and so fun to wear !! the maxi skirt trend has since matured into (slightly) nicer fabrics, asymmetrical hemlines, and floral or bohemian patterns so now is the perfect time to start upcycling those old maxi skirts.

These pants are probably the easiest garment I have ever sewed. Here is a very sophisticated snapchat tutorial of exactly what i did. :))

These pants were so easy and they are officially my favorite! I can’t wait to wear them this summer with black platform espadrilles and a tank top or with booties and a cardigan like i did here!

finally, here are two dresses I made a very long time ago from maxi skirts. I don’t have either anymore but I did love them and they gave new life to maxi skirts I was no longer going to wear.

cioa bella!

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