Made by Me 001 // Baby Blue Jumpsuit

On a whim I pulled out my sewing machine the other night and started playing around with a thrifted size 12 dress. I wanted to make a jumpsuit, but I didn’t think it would turn out so I didn’t even take “before” pictures of the dress. I stayed up sewing until 3:00am that night, and my jumpsuit actually didn’t turn out so bad. I absolutely love it, it’s literally the most comfortable thing ever, and I have already worn it twice this week.

I used every scrap of the dress for the jumpsuit, and the belt is made from strips of tiny scraps that I spliced together and braided. The original dress had slits up the sides which I kept for the jumpsuit, but at some point I may decide to tapper the legs a little for a simpler, more streamlined look. This was actually a pretty simple project; I cut the dress to make a top and took in the sides. I formed the pants using the bottom part of the dress, tracing a pair of pajama pants and then I sewed two pieces together and added a belt.

Exercising my creativity felt amazing, and I can’t describe how fabulous it feels to design and assemble a article of clothing and then USE (and love) it. Jumpsuits are a statement, so I paired it with lowkey sneakers and simple stud earrings, which were locally made by a small business. This project was so much fun and left me with a craving  to create;  it is so refreshing (even when it happens at 3:00am) and energizes me and I am determined to prioritize it this summer.

Cioa bella!




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