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Life is Beautiful // Vol. 1

Hello Everyone! Today I am starting a new blog series, Life is Beautiful. I will be adding to this series on Saturdays, and it will feature mostly photos that I take throughout the week and maybe an inspirational quote or two.

In today’s post I noticed a trend: beach pictures and food.  I had a difficult time narrowing it down to a feasible amount of photos!  Both are just such great still life subjects. 🙂



I took this apple picture as part of an intended recipe post. Sadly, the recipe did not quite turn out….


At the beach!




This was as close as I could sneak up to the seagull without him running away. It was quite a few rounds of me sneaking up and him fleeing before I could capture him at the desired angle. My favorite part about this picture is the different textures of the sand, the waves, and the clouds all seamlessly complementing eachother.

DSC_0003 (2)

Now, anyone who knows me well is aware that I simply don’t eat raw carrots. Period. I just don’t. But, leaving personal taste preferences aside, aren’t these carrots simply beautiful?! We grew them in our backyard. Their natural beauty is the only  the most wonderful part about them. 😛


Homemade brown butter sea salt chocolate chip cookies. I highly suggest making them as soon as possible. 😉 (link to recipe in text)

DSC_0011 (1)

Making brownies!


Adding lettuce leaves, paper flags, sprinkles, and tissue paper flowers can work aesthetic wonders to a platter of otherwise-ordinary store bought cupcakes!

Have a wonderful day!


All of the pictures were taken with my family’s Nikon D3100 and none of them were edited in any way.

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