La Pasquetta

Happy Easter! He is risen!

Today’s look is inspired by La Pasquetta, the Italian tradition of having a picnic on the Monday after Easter. Celebrated especially in Tuscany and Maremma, the picnic normally consists of leftover dyed hardboiled eggs, fresh bread, specialty meat, and cheese packed in a basket and savored out in nature with family and friends. I read online that in Italy, not observing Easter and Easter dinner with your entire (extended) family is considered almost unforgivable, so Italians use La Pasquetta as a less formal celebration to enjoy outdoors, with a smaller circle of family and perhaps friends.

My dad’s family has strong Italian roots, so it is only fitting that we observe La Pasquetta. Today for lunch we ate the normal Pasquetta fare, but inside because the pollen is brutal. 🙂

This outfit was my rendition of a classic picnic ensemble. Blue and white checked blouse, a durable jean skirt, and white keds. It is comfortable, but still practical. Perhaps this is just my wandering imagination, but I always envision Italian picnickers as rather fashionably dressed. 🙂

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