In the Woods


I wore {part of} this outfit last Saturday to attend a pro-life youth rally and our local March for Life. Because the March for Life is in January I always associate it with freezing temperatures…… but on Saturday it reached around 60 degrees, hence it was too warm for a warm sweater and scarf. I ended up replacing the two with a plain white tee-shirt.  But of course I couldn’t leave off the winter hat. :))

In the Woods 9

In the Woods 4

In the Woods 6IMG_4032 [847278]In the Woods 8

In the Woods 7

In the Woods 3


Leather 1

These photos are evidence that my jacket was yanked on in a hurry… I think my collar is messed up in every picture.:P  Lesson learned.

Thank you to three of my best friends who took these pictures for me!!



3 Replies to “In the Woods”

  1. Wow, I really like your outfit! The leather jacket sets up the style nicely.
    #hence2016 (In the first paragraph), bringing the Old English language back 😉

    Great pictures!!!

    1. I shall attribute it to the Julius Caesar play my class put on last semester. Or the endless Anthony and Cleopatra movie we watched. 😛
      Anyways, thank you. 🙂

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