How I Packed For a Weekend Trip in One Drawstring Bag + What I Wore to a Steubenville Youth Conference this Summer

Yeah, I am pretty proud of the accomplishment of packing clothes for an entire weekend in one (freebie) drawstring bag. 🙂  To be honest, I never ever would have attempted this feat if it wasn’t for the fact that two days before we left, our group coordinator requested that everyone pack lightly because we would be fitting twelve people and their luggage in a twelve passenger van. I took him very literally and this was the result:

S 1

All my clothes, right there in that little freebie bag.  I took the prize for most efficient packing. :O

Here is how I did it.

S 3


Basically, I packed everything I needed for each day in a gallon sized ziploc bag. Jewelry, clothes, socks, everything. I also packed one bag with what I needed after showering at night before bed. In all, three bags. One for Saturday, one for Sunday (including my Sunday shoes, ballet flats) and one for bed. These slid easily into my drawstring bag with space left over for my journal and a small bag with hair supplies.

In the past, I have always packed my jewelry in one bag and then not worn any of it because I inevitably packed extras and then they all got tangled. On this trip, I packed the jewelry I wanted for each day in a separate pouch and put the pouch in with each outfit bag.

S 2

I slid a small camping towel into my sleeping bag’s bag, and put my journal, a pen, water, and some minimal makeup into my purse and I was ready for Steubenville!

Now onto a quick outfit recap:

FridayS 6

S 5

We all wore navy blue Catholic t shirts on Friday, and Friday morning (at like 5:30a) I decided I wanted to wear my red polka dot pants, so I did. It was a really comfortable outfit for traveling in the car (those pants are a soft, stretchy cotton/polyester blend), and it was really fun to wear, even if it didn’t match. 🙂


S 4

Our group wore this t shirt on Saturday. I kept my outfit simple with jeans, a statement ring, and some matching earrings. Comfortable for a full day of talks, walking around, Mass, Adoration, and games of ultimate frisbee (I don’t really like frisbee. I just had to look up how to spell the word frisbee. But in between sessions where you are sitting in a heavily air-conditioned environment, it was pretty nice to get outside and run around.) and even a little swing dancing before bed time.  If you are going to a conference, just know that a) You will want very comfortable shoes for walking around all day on Saturday in and b) the field house (were the sessions are held) can get really cold during the talks, so jeans and even a light jacket aren’t a bad precaution, even if it is 85+ degrees outside.


stuebenville  5

I dressed up a little for Sunday. I blogged this outfit here. Refashioned dress, plus a polka dot scarf worn as a belt and ballet flats. All three of those items fit in one ziploc bag perfectly. 🙂 I was planning on wearing this outfit for the drive home, but at last minute decided to change into jeans and the Steubenville Youth Conference 2016 tee shirt that I had just purchased, and, despite my aversion to traveling in jeans, it was good decision.

Steubenville was a wonderful experience, and if you have the chance I highly recommend going to one of their Youth Conferences!!!!!



Do you have any tips for packing efficiently and successfully? I would love to hear them in the comments!! 


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  1. I was wondering how you fit everything into that one bag! I really liked the way you packed the jewelry for each day separately, and I, personally, liked the red polka dot pants with the blue tee:)

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