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Highlights of My Sunday 3.20.16.

Hello, lovely readers!

I hope you had a wonderful Sunday!!! Here are some highlights from my day:

  • Woke up at 6:40a and got ready for Mass, including briefly curling my hair with my new NuMe 32 mm curling wand. I still haven’t quite figured out how to keep curls in my hair, whether I need a stronger hair spray (I currently only use my homemade hairspray when I feel it is *absolutely* necessary) or whether it is some curling technique, but so far I have really enjoyed this new wand! It has a really smooth, sleek design, and it has “negative ion technology” which is supposed to be SO MUCH better for your hair than just a normal old curling iron. Haha I just love how scientific they make it sound, even though I’m not 100% sure how much of a difference it actually makes. But then again, I don’t know, maybe there is some fabulous ground breaking technology behind “anion treatment” …  (do you sense my sarcasm?;P)
  • Went to Mass at our beloved parish church. It’s Palm Sunday so there was a procession outside before Mass. It was wonderful.   (It was really cold though too! I may or may not have generously given my palm branches to my friend because I wanted to keep both hands in my jacket pockets. Don’t worry, I took it back just as we got inside. (;  And then forgot them in the pew after Mass when I went over to a different building to help stuff Easter eggs. Oh, such wonderful friends. <3)
  • Came home, ate lunch, and had a very extensive conversation with my family about what to make for dessert. I love baking and look forward every Sunday to making a dessert. Today my middle brother would not could not let me forget that he wanted A) crepe cake or B) root beer floats. This was me like 47.8 times during the course of one meal: “Sorry, buddy, but we STILL don’t have root beer OR heavy cream to make either of those. Maybe next week for Easter.”  (Just in case you are wondering, the .8th time came about when he cut me off  just to suggest that maybe Mom or Dad could run to the store really quick for some root beer. NO, brother, you are. not. getting. the point.  No root beer floats or crepe cake today.)
  • Took these outfit pictures with my sister. It. was. really. cold. Thank you, dear! 
  • Finally decided on dessert: brown butter sea salt chocolate chip cookies. They were pretty good I guess.
  • Made chicken chili. Chili is my favorite dinner to make. 😀
  • Did a math lesson. Oh, Saxon Algebra II, how grateful I am for the way you encourage me to grow in patient perseverance each and every day.  You are so wonderful.
  • Oops. More sarcasm. But really, Math is my favorite subject, along with chemistry. Just not on Sunday afternoons. Know what I mean?
  • Finally sat down to write this blog post. I’d been looking forward to it all day.
  • Realized that its the first day of spring!!! Ironically, after a very warm week, it only made it to like 50 degrees today. I feel like I should have worn more spring-ish colors today. This outfit is like the dress version of this outfit.
  • And by this point, yesterday was the first day of spring. It is now Monday morning. I guess I should have started writing earlier. ;/
  • Oh, yes, and how could I forget?! My six younger siblings put on a Stations of the Cross play this evening and it was awesome! My five year old brother was Jesus– so cute. And my three-year-old precious baby sister-who-is-way-too-old-to-be-called-a-baby was the little servant. !!!!! Our homeschool coop just did this exact play three times (I was the narrator which was a blast) and it was adorable seeing my younger siblings put it on all by themselves.

Here is the outfit I wore to Mass this morning:

DSC_0002 (1) - Copy


DSC_0040 (1) DSC_0004 (1)



DSC_0046 (1)
Probably my last time wearing these until Fall!!

Thank you for stopping by!!!

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  1. Very nice outfit! Of course, I like the colors. Your siblings reenactment was awesome! Thanks for baking those delicious cookies. Love you.

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