Golden Hour and Goldenrods + Tip for Expanding Your Wardrobe

The number one tip that I can give for multiplying your wardrobe is to search for unique pieces that are just a step outside of your comfort zone. I have found that all of my favorite clothes are the ones that are different, whether in color, shape, or style and this “diversity” is part of what makes my wardrobe look full and complete. Yes, I do own what some consider “a TON of clothes” (and those who remind me of this often accompany that statement with a dramatic eye roll hahaha), but my in reality my closet is far from being limited to one style or one color or one anything. It is a medley ranging from my most prized piece, the orange dress my Grandmother wore as a junior in high school to, to my most worn piece, dark wash skinny jeans, to my craziest buy, neon pink sandals, to my go-to classic LBD and this variety serves as an illusion to the actual size of my wardrobe because every outfit looks different.

Here’s a personal example: a couple years ago I spent one summer in an awesome brand of cool catholic tee shirts. I loved the company and I loved the message on the shirts…. but rotating four or five tee shirts of the same cut and similar color scheme with two pairs of Bermuda shorts just made me feel like I was wearing the same outfit every single day! No fun. Or another example: that same year, I began shopping at Goodwill. *cue all the confetti* But rather than maxing out the plethora of awesome clothes there, I stuck with selecting basic cardigans, basic A-line skirts and super basic solid colored dresses. It took me a long time to figure out why I felt like I was wearing the exact. same. outfit. every single Sunday, summer and winter, despite having lots of clothes!! My goodwill obsession has only gotten worse (or should I say better? ;)) and with it my closet is expanding, but I never feel like I am repeating outfits because I have variety in more ways than just lots of clothes. Bottom line: experiment with different styles and colors to enjoy a wonderful wardrobe that you will love!

When I put this outfit and location together I intended for it to be more bohemian, but it turned out with more of a country flair, and while I am so not a country girl, I love how the photos turned out. My friend Annabelle took them, and after we were done we hung out in the gorgeous field just talking and laughing until after it got dark which was so much fun. To get back to her house we had to walk through the dark woods and I may or may not have confused her neighbor’s peacocks for a wild animal…..

Never take yourself too seriously 😛

Have a wonderful day!  You are beautiful and you are so so loved!


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