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From My Phone Photostream: Recent Outfits

Hi! I am here today with a quick roundup of (semi) recent OOTDs. All of these photos are from my phone. I hope that you enjoy!

↑ This is my favorite. 🙂 I took it the first day we were camping at the lake. When my Dad and I arrived (the rest of the family would come later), the first thing I did was race down to the waterfront as my Dad set up camp. It was so gorgeous that of course an outfit selfie was in order and even though the exposure of this photo isn’t the best, I still love it. <3

So I thought that all of these outfits were recent…. until I realized that this is what I wore on St. Patrick’s day… and that was almost a month ago. Can someone please tell me where time is going?

I loved the outfit I wore to math class the other day, and as I was walking out of class I realized the lobby was empty and that it was a golden opportunity for an outfit selfie with the elevator. I seized that opportunity, praying that no one would emerge from the elevator as I was using it for my selfie. This photo is evidence that, happily, no one did. 🙂

This bush blooming in front of the dentist office was simply begging for an OOTD photo is front of it. How could I resist?

Jean jacket, floral dress, and red sparkly shoes to go see a Aida with a couple friends.

I am loving these floral ballet flats for Spring!


Well that is it!  Have a blessed Easter Triduum.

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