Sunday Winter


Hello everyone!

Just a quick post.  I just finished my literature and history homework for this semester tonight so I need to get some sleep now!

I wore this outfit to attend our end-of-semester dance for the ballroom class I’m taking with two of my siblings.  Over the semester we learned how to dance the waltz and east coast swing.

DSC_0045 (2)DSC_0044 (2)

Outfit Details:

Dress: Loft, thirfted | Scarf: Idk… borrowed from my Mom | Shoes: Jennifer Lopez (r)


It was my younger sister’s first dance and we were twins! We walked out from our rooms and we happened to be wearing the exact same colors! Okaaay, I did advise the red sweater, but still….  Oh and the dress? It’s mine. Ehem, she borrowed it from me. 🙂


One of my best friends went to Rome last month for her graduation and she visited the Church of St. Cecilia in Rome where she bought me the beautiful St. Cecilia medal I am wearing! (sorry, the picture is really blurry) St. Cecilia is my confirmation saint and this is totally my new favorite medal. 🙂 Plus, it has a dirt from her tomb on the other side….. So special!!!


Okay, well its past midnight now (much later than I intended to stay up!) and my computer is about to die…

Thank you for stopping by!


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