We are all gifted in different ways, but we all have the capacity for creativity. Throughout different times in my life I have exercised my creativity in vastly different ways, but I believe that creativity is the key to success. So often creativity is linked to art, and while I personally find the most fulfillment in sewing and photography and art, creativity is equally imperative in academics, athletics, and any occupation. Creativity is separating your actions from what you already know, it relies on having the courage to forge new paths.

My ability to create gives me confidence. Often, I mistakenly rely on the people around me for affirmation, but the knowledge that I can craft something beautiful, something that comes from my head and has my name on it, gives me a confidence that is quality and consistent.

“Beauty is the vocation bestowed on the artist by the Creator in the gift of artistic talent” ~Pope Saint Joh Paul II 

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