Clothing Should Be…

Clothing should be . . .

  • comfortable
  • durable
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • beautiful
  • precise
  • sustainable
  • ethically crafted
  • well fitted

Clothing should add to your confidence. It should bring you joy and fit your personality. Clothing conveys vibrant messages, and it should tell your story accurately. It  should be suitable and versatile for many occasions, and complement the other pieces in your closet. It must physically fit you and your lifestyle. It should be uplifting, drawing attention up to your eyes. It should be respectful of those around you, and appropriate for the occasion. Clothing should be made with care, and you should (at least!) be aware of who made your clothes.

Do these words describe your clothing? If not, reconsider your wardrobe; use your purchasing power for good and to empower yourself through your clothing choices!

Cioa Bella!

4 Replies to “Clothing Should Be…”

  1. Hi. I agree with you clothing should fit your lifestyle and always look your best. Liked your dress, looks nice and cool for a hot summer day. Aunt Maria

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