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Checkered Board {Sunday Best II}

I really have no idea how to start this post. Absolutely no idea. I am watching the final episode of the BBC Pride and Prejudice with my family and by this point in the movie I was determined to have already published this post. Oh well, my entire family (including my three younger brothers) are enjoying P&P immensely! The humor (Jane Austen is the best at incorporating subtle sarcasm in the most unexpected places and BBC fortunately did not abandon Jane Austen’s unique style), the message,  the character’s elegant conversations (seriously I do believe my whole family will be talking in 18th century English for the next week!), the wonderful Christian message…..

When I went to say good morning to my very stylish mother this morning, we looked down at each other’s outfits only to find that we were perfect opposites!  I was pretty delighted when Mom agreed to be featured here on TG.  It’s not every day that we are so perfectly coordinated!!

My skirt, blouse, and shoes were all thrifted as were my Mom’s skirt and blouse. 🙂

I love my Mom’s purple coat. It’s fabulous. 🙂

DSC_0147 Sunday Best, III DSC_0184

Sunday Best II, A

Disclaimer for my dear friends who may be alarmed at seeing me throwing a basketball: I never play basketball, but it has become a new favorite in our house with my younger siblings so I fear  greatly suspect that I have a few family games in my future this week. While we were outside on the driveway, after taking these photos, I saw a basketball lying around and thought it might be a good time to practice getting the ball through the wire-circular-structure-that-has-a-rope-netting-suspended-from-around-its-circumference (known as a hoop to the majority of humankind). My sister still had the camera in her hands so she snapped this picture. Just in case you are wondering…… the ball didn’t make it in hoop in this particular picture.  😛

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed week!

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