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One of my family’s favorite weekend activities is going camping. We own a trailer RV, and on spare weekends (which, believe me, are few and far apart), we enjoy packing up and escaping into the woods or to a different city for a couple days. The change of atmosphere is a blessing sometimes, and so far we have had the opportunity to explore a couple fun places! (–> see here, here, and here).  Two weekends ago was one such camping trip, and though it was a local excursion, we enjoyed it thoroughly.

When out in the middle of nature, it is so easy to neglect your appearance, but I find that my spirit’s are higher and I enjoy myself just a little more if I feel put together. A functional outfit is in order along with an easy hairdo and a swipe of mascara and viola! A perfect camping ensemble.

I wore this outfit Sunday morning. The air was crisp and just a little cold, so the layers kept me warm. The colors of my dark orange cotton t-shirt are picked up perfectly with the plaid stripes on my breezy cotton button down; jeans and TOMS are ideal for comfort and practicality, and a loopy messy bun and delicate necklace complete the outfit.

Photo credits to my sister. I am so proud of her work in this shoot! 🙂

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  1. Awesome post!!! Do you know where you got the necklace? I completely love it!!! Can’t wait to see more!!! God Bless!!!

    1. Thank you, Grace! My sisters bought a box for my Mom at a little gift shop years ago and the necklace came in the box. Unfortunately I don’t think that you could find it online, though it would probably be rather simple to make with some supplies from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

      Thanks for commenting!

      Ps I love your Pinterest. 🙂

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