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By the Seashore


Back in May when we were at the beach for a week, my sisters took two sets of outfit pictures for me on the beach. I published one right away, but forgot about the other one, probably because the quality of these pictures isn’t the greatest because it was beginning to rain…

I bought this dress at Goodwill a couple months ago, but it sat in my closet unworn because of the horrible six rows (about four inches!) of elastic thread that cinched the waist of the dress in the most unflattering way. Finally, one day I got tired of having it sit useless in my closet, so I pulled it out and yanked out (actually it was more like painfully picked out) the six rows of thread. It took a long time. Once the elastic thread was all out, the waist of the dress was HUGE, so I cut the dress in half right above the waist and inserted some darts in the bodice to take it in. A simple gather stitch along the top of the skirt to make it fit the bodice and then another two rows of stitches to attach the bodice and the skirt, and it was done!  Currently, this is one of my most worn dresses. 🙂




Thank you for reading and I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

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