Bowling Alley Parking Lot Outfit Pictures + A Personal Question for Relflection

bowling alley 2

bowling alley 1

Today I want to present you all a very important question. One of my best friends asked me this question last week and I wanted to pass it on. To hear it put so bluntly forced me to stop and really reflect on what my answer was, versus what it should be.  It’s a question that we should never stop asking ourselves, because the moment we stop, the moment we begin to move backwards in our journey. This question is definitely very personal, but if you have anything to share I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments!! So here it is:

How is your spiritual life doing? 

Pray about it. It’s important. As adults in Christ, we need to really own our faith. Life is SOO short and Heaven and Hell last for eternity. ETERNITY. There is no time to waste.

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  1. How is your spiritual life doing? Wow, that is a great question and subject to meditate. Thank you for throwing that subject out there! I think we should strive to do good and set an example for others. You, my dear, are doing an excellent job, I enjoy reading your articles, keep it up. Besitos

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