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Big Sister, Little Sister

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Today my Dad took my three younger sisters and I to a Daddy-Daughter Dance. (lol with the exception of one other  girl, I was like four or five years older than the other oldest girls there.) This morning when I told my youngest sister about the dance, she immediately asked if we could wear our “twin party skirts.”  How could I say no?!  I actually kinda bought this skirt just because she had one like it, and it was the PERFECT opportunity to be twinsies. So much fun. I love my baby sister so much.

Last night I was at a sock hop and then today I went to this dance, and for both of them I wore these shoes. They were surprisingly comfortable to wear while dancing (I didn’t take them off at either), although I do have an awful blister on my foot, guess I won’t be wearing these shoes again for a while! I’ll be searching out the most comfortable shoe in my closet. 🙂

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