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Beach Boho


Here’s a tip: when you buy a piece of clothing on impulse without trying it on and discover later on that it just “doesn’t work,” make sure that you try it on a couple different ways before dismissing it to the back of your closet or your sewing pile. A long time ago, I purchased this dress from my favorite store.* I envisioned wearing it with my jean jacket and some sandals or over a white tee shirt, so when the top of the dress was too big for either of those  casual combos, I shed a few tears and tossed the dress to my fabric stash.  You bet that I wasn’t wasting that gorgeous white lace. 🙂 Fast forward to last week and I was attempting to find a Sunday mass outfit that would be fun to shoot on the beach and would also match my red and white espadrilles. On a whim I  started toying with the castaway dress that was gracing my sewing pile, and before long I had this combo! It works, I love it, and I will totally be wearing it again, switching out the coral cardigan for a purple and teal floral one or a chambray button down.  Moral of the story? Experiment with you closet because you will find hidden gems in the most unexpected places.

My favorite part of this outfit? Hands down, the length of the dress. It is so graceful, breezy, and summery. I will without a doubt keep an eye out for more similar pieces at the aforementioned store.*

*Bet you can’t guess what store I’m talking about. Comment below if you do have any wild guesses.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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