Happy Friday, friend!

Today I bring to you my favorite way to style the athleisure trend. Although wearing workout clothes as daily “outfits” has become increasingly popular, I am not a huge fan. Decked out from head to toe in wicking material IF you haven’t even worked out and aren’t planning on doing so just doesn’t give off classy vibes.

The sneaker trend is fun though, and that’s what I’m focusing on today. This outfit would be perfect for hiking in the woods on a crisp day but still looks put together enough for daily wear. The jean jacket counters the sporty sneakers providing structure and [much needed] warmth. We are experiencing cold blustery weather so my hat acted as a lovely windbreaker. I opted for ballet flat socks (you know, those tiny little socks that are intended to be invisible under flats and TOMS?) to avoid excess bulk around my ankles, and I was set! Unless we start getting some real spring weather in the near future, I will be wearing this outfit again!   


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  1. Loved the outfit. Lucky you are at jean jacket weather. We are still wearing winter coats. Where was the pictures taken very nice. Love Aunt Maria

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