A Weekend in Savannah, Georgia


Happy New Year Everyone! I wish you a blessed, beautiful and successful 2017. I actually meant to publish this post a long time ago, but I got really busy and finally just got around to editing the post today. Ironic that I am posting about Savannah weather on the day that we are expecting SNOW. 🙂 I hope you enjoy!


Hi everyone! Last month we were blessed to get to spend a long weekend in the lovely city of  Savannah, Georgia. We absolutely loved the city and were even almost ready to pack up and move there permanently by the time we left. In fact, if it wasn’t for the mosquitoes and the promise of a very humid summer, I think we would really relocate down there.

Just kidding. About moving. We love our community here. 🙂 However, I  was not kidding about Savannah being amazing. It’s so clean and safe and the architecture is absolutely stunning. Annnd we certainly weren’t complaining about breezy 60 degree weather in December….

Firstly, the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. This grand Cathedral immediately comes to mind while on the thread of amazing architecture. This church is amazing. Sooooo many details! I know that many people who walk in feel breathless, so utterly taken in its magnificent beauty. We spent two days walking around Savannah and found ourselves at the Cathedral no less than three different times. Once on Saturday to check it out, on Sunday morning for Mass, and then again later Sunday for my sisters to purchase a couple postcards.


I must say, something I loved about this Church was the way people dressed up for Sunday Mass. Everyone seemed to be decked out in true Sunday best, and it was wonderful.


The next place that we frequented the most was River Street. River Street is a cobblestone street down by the Savannah River. Shops and vendors line this street, and we saw a couple cargo and passenger ships sail by. Overall, a very pleasant lane to ramble down.


On Saturday we enjoyed some delicious ice cream (for lunch!) at the famous Leopold’s Ice Cream. I had strawberry and it was my favorite flavor out of the seven (haha big family perks) I sampled. Lemon custard came in next, topping raspberry swirl chocolate, coconut, mint, butter pecan, and maple walnut.

For my American Lit class I just had to write an impromptu essay focusing on the links between the song Moon River and the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin and in Savannah we saw a number of Moon River references, but my favorite was this framed picture in Leopolds. 🙂


Savannah is famous for its 22 historic public squares, and gracing each of the center of those lush green squares is either a fountain or a statue. This was one of my favorite fountains:


Behind the turquoise fountain you can actually see some Spanish Moss. Spanish Moss was absolutely everywhere! All over the city, growing on the traffic lights, covering the trees in the campground we stayed in.

And another part of a fountain. It’s all in the details.


A beautiful building….


and another one:


And one more. This one isn’t the greatest photo, but it captures the Civil Era look that is all over Savannah.


My Dad told us this story while we were walking around: When General Sherman was ravaging Georgia during the Civil War, he refused to burn Savannah because he said it was too beautiful to destroy. This was two days before Christmas, so he wired Lincoln saying, “I present to you the city of Savannah as a Christmas present.”

I actually read a couple hundred pages of Gone With the Wind on this trip just because it is set in Civil War Era Georgia and Scarlett mentions visiting relatives in Savannah. 🙂

Savannah is filled with stunning wrought iron e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Both of my parents and myself love wrought iron so naturally we couldn’t resist taking a few (okay more than a few) pictures of the most beautiful pieces:

Overall, we really enjoyed the city of Savannah and hope to visit again soon! Maybe I should go to Savannah College of Art and Design (sounds pretty lovely to me!)….. 🙂


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  1. What a beautiful city, I have always wanted to visit Savannah. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Happy New year. Love Aunt t Maria

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