Some Thoughts About Monday Mornings + OOTD

NHS Outfit Pic 1

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Happy Monday! Today in my online Statistics class, one slide that my teacher used was a collage of Monday morning cat memes, each with a pessimistic caption complaining about Monday mornings. I really enjoyed the class, and I think the teacher will be fantastic, but I 100% disagree with Monday’s not being awesome. In fact, Monday’s *might* be my favorite day of the week. A new week, new challenges, a fresh start. It’s the day on which I set the highest goals for myself and attempt to make significant strides into my week’s assignments. On Mondays you have the entire week to look forward to, and even if it can be difficult to get out of bed, (But let’s be honest. When exactly is getting out of bed easy??:P), I still firmly believe that Monday’s are priceless.

On  a different note, I wore this outfit this evening to our Induction Ceremony for the National Honors Society. It was a wonderful evening and I am already looking forward to our next meeting! By a rare stroke of luck, my gibson tuck worked (miracle of miracles!) in my hair and stayed put all evening. 🙂

NHS Outfit Pic 4 NHS Outfit Pic 3

Thank’s for reading! 🙂

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