Medieval Tent

Red And White Striped Dress 3

Did I mention in my last post that another thing I love about Life is Beautiful is that I don’t have to spend 10 minutes just trying to come up with a post title?! I can’t seem to come up with creative titles!! My sister and one of our friends quickly snapped this picture outside the bowling alley a couple weeks ago while we were waiting for our younger siblings to finish their game. I can’t decide what I think about this dress. Do the stripes remind you of a medieval knight’s tent? You know, one that they would set up at jousting tournaments? Maybe it’s just my imagination going wild. But at the same time, I really like it {the dress in question}. It’s a comfortable jersey knit and it’s fun; perfect for summer.  It’s been sitting my closet for months as I try to define my feelings about it. Overall, here my verdict: I like it. Maybe it looks like a tent, but it’s comfortable and easy-to-wear and, at times, I think it is cute, though definitely in a unique way. 🙂

Good luck to everyone starting school!!

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