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Easter Day <3



I borrowed this dress from my Mom to wear on Easter Sunday– it was super comfy, although, admittedly, by the end of the day I had replaced my accessories and floral ballet flats for my dad’s socks (they are just so warm!!) and a sweatshirt.. It was cold on Easter. Cold and rainy.

Right now we are watching the BBC Sense and Sensibility   as a family. (We bought it brand new at Goodwill for like forty-nine cents. *smiley face*) It’s not nearly as entertaining as their P&P, but its still enjoyable, although my brothers would not even say that. ( 😛 ) Personally, my favorite part of the movie is the characters’ impeccable manners. It is impossible not to admire their charming politeness, even when they are faced with tragedy and suffering.  They {mostly} control their emotions regardless of the circumstance, and are polite and kind even to their “enemies.”   I wish that we, in America, still had the same standard of social conduct. Definitely not as stiff as they were in 18th century England, but most definitely as polite. (Lol I mustadd that in episode five, when the two mother are arguing over which of their sons are “taller”, which they equated to “finer,”  while they are polite, they hardly consider each other’s feelings. This is not  admirable or polite, although entertaining to watch. :))

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Thank you for stopping by! I have a research paper due next week and I have a uniquely interesting idea for a post, we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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  1. Thank you! I’m glad you like it. Haha finding a way to photograph my nails was almost impossible. 😉

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