2.2015 – 2.2019


this is me at 14. Spring semester of 8th grade, and I was going through some intense phases of trying to discover my personal style. This yellow shirt was one of the first items of clothing I picked out, and I still remember feeling so confident in this outfit. I felt like it was cute and trendy, and I hadn’t really felt that way before. This was around the time I started making my fashion decisions and it was confusing and I was insecure, but taking this picture w the selfie camera on my iPod is what originally inspired me to want to start fashion blogging. (side note: my room is now pink and this photo just reminds me how much better it is now)


My iPod :))) the yellow bottle contained homemade hairspray, which I would never recommend. This was when I started playing w hair and makeup more, way back when my makeup took about 2 minutes and consisted of homemade “blush” and liquid eyeliner. I loved this outfit, and I think at this point I thought I knew a lot about my style, but I still had so much to learn and many insecurities to overcome.


I actually wore this exact outfit this past Sunday. I loved it then and I love it now. 2016-2017 included some serious growth for me (not limited too but definitely including my eyebrows) and when i see this photo it looks SO much more like who I am today than 2.2016.


this is when I discovered white sneakers and the obsession hasn’t subsided one bit. I was taking calc I at this point and I remember feeling like that was consuming my entire life and being intentional about wearing cute outfits really helped me.


Here I am. 18 and stronger than ever. I know that perfection is the enemy of beauty, but I also know a fabulous outfit and a full face of makeup makes me feel amazing, so I put effort into both because they bring me joy. I know that I am loved, and I feel so incredibly free to love others. I’m so grateful for how far I have come since 2015, the relationships I have built, the ways that I have expressed my creativity, and the things that I have accomplished that I had never imagined were possible. I know that I have SO much to learn and the entire world ahead of me and that fills me with excitement.

Where ever you are in your journey, please know that you are absolutely priceless and you deserve the world. Cioa bella!

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