1 Year Old!!!


Dear Readers,

Today is an exciting day… exactly one year ago I hit publish on my first blog post!! I can’t believe its been a year… and even though I still feel SO inexperienced in the world of blogging, I look back on my first posts and can’t help from laughing. Which I interpret as a sign that I have improved, maybe just a teeny tiny bit. 😉

On this day last year I was sitting in my Aunt and Uncle’s front room/office area (we were visiting for Thanksgiving) feverishly typing, erasing, and retyping my first post. I hit publish, and then showed the link to my Mom, her sister, and my Grandma who were hanging out in the kitchen. (watching them read the post was way to embarrassing, so I retreated to the front room to listen to their comments). One thing I remember very vividly was immediately noticing three typos minutes after publishing. Needless to say, I hastily fixed them as discreetly as possible. I’d share a link to that post now, but it’s a bit embarrassing so if you want to see it you’ll have to go dig it up yourself. 🙂

Readers, thank you so so SO much. I blog because I absolutely love blogging, and I am eternally grateful to every single person who stops by this minuscule corner of the internet for even a moment. Thank you.

One last thing: this is my 60th post. My goal for this coming year is to reach 135 posts, which is a total of 15 more posts. I think I can do it!








Skirt: Me-Made, finished 5 minutes before the photoshoot

Photos: On of my dear friends (who happens to live in my neighborhood!) has a talent for photography and in the past month she has graciously taken two awesome sets of outfit pictures for me. I hope to blog the other set on Wednesday or Thursday. . .

Flowers: I turned 16 a week and a half ago and my parents had flowers delivered to me. Aren’t the flowers gorgeous?! <3


5 Replies to “1 Year Old!!!”

  1. Congrats! Your writing and photography have only improved over the year. This post especially. Great camera work and I’m happy to see you pushing your skills with some beautiful depth-of-field work.

    Keep it up!


    1. Thank you so much, Mr. D’Amelio. I am so grateful for all the help and support you have provided this past year. I would never have gotten half this far without you!

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